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Publications of
Independent Scholar Dr. Jongduck Choi


ㆍ Book (Korean): Philosophy of Medicine: normative and naturalistic approaches, June 1, 2020 CRI Press/Korea
ㆍ Book (Korean translation) “The Age of EM” by Robin Hanson, January 9, 2020 CRI Press
ㆍ Book (Korean): Monk and Monkey: Dialog between Buddhism and Biophilosophy, October 3, 2016
ㆍ Book (Korean): The Critical Philosophy of Life, July 21, 2016
ㆍ Book (Korean): Philosophy of Biology, December 10, 2014
ㆍ Book (Korean): Charles Darwin, Lighted Up By Korean Scholars, September 1, 2010
ㆍ Book (Korean): Beyond Dichotomy, November 1, 2007
ㆍ Book (Korean): Humanities, How to Study Them, October 1, 2003
ㆍ Book (Korean): Scientia, July 1, 2003
ㆍ Book (Korean): The Philosophy on Environment, September 1, 2000
ㆍ Book (Korean translation): “A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science” by John Losee, August 20, 1999
ㆍ Book (Korean): Is the Whole More Than the Sum of Its Parts?- Modern Philosophy of Nature, February 28, 1995
ㆍ Book (Korean translation): “Physik und Philosophie” von Werner Heisenberg, April 1, 1985

Articles + Books

8 article Review on  Alfred I. Tauber, The Immune self: Theory of Metaphor? Korean Journal For the Philosophy of Science 3-1(2000) 2000-06-30
7 article The Study Respiring History The Study Respiring History, Modern Thought  vol.3-3(1999) 168-182, in Korean 1999-09-01
6 book A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science (translated in Korean) Dongyun Publisher 1999-08-20
5 article Public Participation in the Technological Assessment and Whitehead’s Togetherness in Decision-Making The Journal of Whitehead Studies Nr.2(1999) 1999-06-30
4 book Is the Whole Sum of the Parts: Modern Philosophy of Nature Sonamoo Publishing 1995-02-28
3 article Die Möglichkeit Ontologischen Deutung der Qauntenmechanik - Dissertation of Ph.D Giessen University, Germany 1993-02-22
2 book Korean Version “Physik und Philosophie” von Werner Heisenberg (trans. by Jongduck Choi) Hangeore Publishing 1985-04-01
1 article MA Dissertation : Study on the Concept Relatedness of A.N.Whithead Yonsei University,Korea 1983-08-19

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