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Publications of
Independent Scholar Dr. Jongduck Choi


ㆍ Book (Korean): Philosophy of Medicine: normative and naturalistic approaches, June 1, 2020 CRI Press/Korea
ㆍ Book (Korean translation) “The Age of EM” by Robin Hanson, January 9, 2020 CRI Press
ㆍ Book (Korean): Monk and Monkey: Dialog between Buddhism and Biophilosophy, October 3, 2016
ㆍ Book (Korean): The Critical Philosophy of Life, July 21, 2016
ㆍ Book (Korean): Philosophy of Biology, December 10, 2014
ㆍ Book (Korean): Charles Darwin, Lighted Up By Korean Scholars, September 1, 2010
ㆍ Book (Korean): Beyond Dichotomy, November 1, 2007
ㆍ Book (Korean): Humanities, How to Study Them, October 1, 2003
ㆍ Book (Korean): Scientia, July 1, 2003
ㆍ Book (Korean): The Philosophy on Environment, September 1, 2000
ㆍ Book (Korean translation): “A Historical Introduction to the Philosophy of Science” by John Losee, August 20, 1999
ㆍ Book (Korean): Is the Whole More Than the Sum of Its Parts?- Modern Philosophy of Nature, February 28, 1995
ㆍ Book (Korean translation): “Physik und Philosophie” von Werner Heisenberg, April 1, 1985

Articles + Books

38 article There Is No Teleology in the Evolutionism Daedong Chulhak(Journal of the Great Unity Philosophical Association), No.59(2012) 113-129 in Korean 2012-12-31
37 article Review of Arts: Kim,Bong-Joon’s Arts Exhibition Review of Arts: Kim,Bong-Joon’s Arts Exhibition 2012-09-01
36 article Historical Contingency and Historical Constraints in Evolutionary Process Korean Journal For The Philosophy Of  Science 2012-06-30
35 article Science of Aging: From Idol Theories To Common Theories Philosophy of Medicine,Nr.11(2011),57-79,in Korean 2011-06-30
34 book Charles Darwin, Lighted Up By Korean Scholars Humanist Publishing 2010-09-01
33 article Our Life Beyond Political Power: Ham Seok-heon’s Life Philosophy Silcheonmunhak(Practice and Literature) Nr.92(2008) 246-261 2008
32 article "Is It Possible for Ancient Eeastasian Philosophy to Reinterpretate Through the Evolutionary Thinking The Values of the Philosophy of East and West, Woongjin Publishing, 2007, in Korean 2007-11-01
31 book Beyond Dichotomy Hangilsa Publishing 2007-11-01
30 article Evolutionary Interpretations of Self-Deception Epoch and Philosophy,Vol.18-1(2007),205-234,in Korean 2007-06-30
29 article The Natural Evolution of Tao and Chi Philosophy of Medicine,Nr.4(2007),49-68,in Korean 2007-06-30
28 article The Immunological and Social Criticism On the Human Embryonic Cloning Technology in Korea Democratic Society and policy Studies vol.9(2006) 213-230 in Korean 2006-12-31
27 article Correlation between medicine and culture by illumination on the placebo effect Philosophy of Medicine,Nr.2(2006),19-34,in Korean 2006-12-31
26 article Philosophical Reflections On Social Systems For the Low Degree of Dispersion The Journal of Korean Philosophical Society,No.99(2006),367-382,in Korean 2006-12-31
25 article Humanistic Reflections on Medicine Philosophy of Medicine,Nr.1(2006) pp.1-15,in Korean 2006-06-30
24 article How to communicate philosophically between East and West? Eastasian Philosophy, WK Publishing 2006 in Korean 2006-04-01

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