Evolutionary Activeness of the Immune Self

 Evolutionary Activeness of the Immune Self,
Philosophy of Medicine(The Journal of the Korean Association for Philosophy of Medicine) Nr.15(2013), 39-65, in Korean

 Choi, Jongduck

The immunology has been understood as a defense mechanism. The defense mechanism means how to protect self against non-self. The defense mechanism is regarded as passive responses with micro-physiological functions to check and keep away foreign invaders. This paper argues that the immune system does not contain the defense mechanism only but also the immunologic activeness. In order to make my points, I offer a philosophical homology between evolutionary thinking and immune system. This paper therefore draws on evolutionary relevances and proofs of immunologic cases. In section 2, I explain why evolutionary thinking is important at immune system. Furthermore, I will try to bear out the validity of the immunologic activeness by the examples of immune specificity, immunologic memory and immune tolerance in section 3. My goal here is to argue that the immunologic activeness is an evolutionary product that was adapted from passive immune prototype.

Key Words: Immune Self, Immunological Activeness, Immune Specificity, Immunologic Memory, Evolution, Adaptedness, philosophical ontology

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