From Developmental System Theory To Developmental System Medicine

From Developmental System Theory  To Developmental System Medicine

Choi, Jongduck

The purpose of this article is to examine the possibility of materializing Developmental System Medicine(DSM) whose concept is inferred from the Developmental System Theory(DST). The DSM is not yet an established type of medicine, and I will try to provide arguments on how to draw this new type of medical practice from biological theory. DSM is discriminated from the ‘developmental medicine for disabilities’. DSM is to do with realms of epigenetics, evo-devo, and the DST. DSM can be defined as a medical science whose purpose is to find epigenetical variables due to DST. DST can be characterized by two notions of developmental plasticity and developmental constraint. Developmental plasticity, which is vital to the DST, is an inner-ability for correction and modulation on organism’s traits, coping with its environment after birth. Developmental constraint is a biological inertia to sustain homeostasis and limitation of morphological variations. I will argue that DSM can be defined as a deriative of DST, employing the concept of ‘constructivist interactionism’ conceived by Gray, and the concept of ‘match’, conceived by prof. Gluckman. I will also provide some cases of the apoptosis in order to show a possible physical application of DSM and its possible capacity to help extend the efficiency of existing clinical medicine.

Key Words: Developmental System Medicine, Developmental System Theory(DST), Epigenetics, Constructivist Interactionism, Apoptosis


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