Philosophy of Biology

Book (Korean): Philosophy of Biology
Jongduck Choi, Philosophy of Biology, Thinking Power Press, 2014


1. Meaning and Methodology of Philosophy of Biology
1.1 World-View of Modern Science
1.2 The Principle in Premodern Biology : Vitalism
1.3 Physicalism
1.4 Features of Biological System
1.5 Methodology of Biology
1.6 Naturalistic Philosophy and Science

2. The Philosophy of Evolutionism
2.1 The Structure of Evolutionary Theory
2.2 The Basic Concepts in Evolutionary Biology
2.3 Various Meanings of Adaptation
2.4 Debates on the Unit of Selection
2.5 Direction of Evolution and Biological Teleology

3. Philosophy on Species
3.1 Essentialist Taxonomy
3.2 The Concepts of Species in the Modern Sense
3.3 Pluralistic Interpretations of Species
3.4 Mosaic Theory, Niche, Cluster Theory on Species

4. Philosophy of Developmental Systems
4.1 The Idea of Developmental Systems
4.2 The Main Concepts of Developmental Evolution
4.3 Complementary Relationship between Adaptation and Construction
4.4 Philosophical Readings of the Developmental Genetics
4.5 Developmental System Theory
4.6 Philosophical Implications of Developmental System Theory

5. Naturalistic Causation
5.1 Function : Selection Effect and Causal Role
5.2 Contingency and Causality in Evolution
5.3 Micro Evolution and Macro Evolution
5.4 Historical Contingency in Macro Evolution
5.5 The Naturalistic Causation
5.6 Philosophical Reinterpretation: Historical Constructions

6. The Immune Self
6.1 Mechnikov’s Immunology
6.2 Burnet’s Clonal Selection Theory
6.3 Memories and Tolerances in the Immune Process
6.4 The Immune Self and the Philosophical Self

7. Body and Mind: Philosophy of Neuroscience
7.1 Mind and Brain : Mind As Directional Traits
7.2 Many Kinds of Neutral Monism
7.3 Plasticity : The Ontological Shift in the Philosophy of Synapsis

8. Evolutionary Ethics
8.1 From Traditional Ethics to Evolutionary Ethics
8.2 Biological Egoism and Altruism
8.3 An Example: Evolutionary Interpretation of Self Deception
8.4 Possibilities of Community: Sacrifice, Reward and Punishment

9. The Philosophy of Biology Perceived in Society
9.1 Science and History
9.2 Influences of Biology on Society
9.3 Metaphysical Progress and Teleological Progress
9.4 Evolutionism is not Progressivism
9.5 Progressiveness in Science and Society
9.6 Evolutionary Ontology



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